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What’s been happening in July?

In the past few weeks we have seen Boris Johnson elected the new Tory leader and Prime Minister, the UK’s hottest day on record with a high of 38.7°c, tensions rise between the UK and Iran with a British oil tanker seized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and Selfridges unveil it’s Christmas shop with 149 days still to go until the day. Yes, it has certainly been an interesting month! Here at HIGHJAM, we have also had an interesting month with some fantastic activations, quick-turnaround projects and new client on-boarding.

First up, let’s talk about Wimbledon. We love this time of year and it helps to have the weather on our side when sporting events come around. Wimbledon saw us carry out some consumer research and sampling campaigns for multiple clients. We also welcomed a new client who wanted to sample the delicious Puerto de Indias strawberry gin. So, with just one week to turn it around, our superb brand ambassadors were out on the streets of Wimbledon donning branded jet-packs full of ice-cold G&Ts for thirsty spectators. What a treat!

If Wimbledon wasn’t your scene but you still fancied something cool to get you through the weather, you may have seen our ice cream tricycle at Underbelly, retailing a leading low-calorie ice cream brand. And for those travelling further afield than London, we’ve been at Cornbury Festival and CarFest this month bringing to life an experiential stand for Bavaria 0.0% beer. With an adult-sized seesaw and thirst-quenching beers for the designated drivers amongst the crowd, we ensured everyone had a great time.

The Vegan Society Roadshow 2019

Don’t worry if you didn’t make it out to see us though, as we may have come to you! Across London we have been visiting offices with The Vegan Society promoting the ‘Plate Up for the Planet’ campaign. Could you go Vegan for 7 days? Give it a try: sign up here. And for those office workers who fall into the 24% who regularly eat breakfast at their desk, we’ve also been going desk to desk sampling a leading Granola brand.

Keeping things healthy, we have recently carried out a guerilla sampling campaign for Alive! 50+ Men’s vitamins. Sampling a one month supply along with discount voucher for future purchase, this was a fantastic activation with commuters and sight-seeing Londoners snapping up the product.

In total this month, we have delivered almost 30 activations, from exhibitions and events to promotional staff and sampling campaigns, we’ve covered it all. The best bit about it? We absolutely love what we do and thrive on the excitement of delivering successful and impactful activations.

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Posted on July 31, 2019 in Highjam News

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