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How can guerrilla sampling help your brand? Guerrilla sampling campaigns disrupt the daily grind leaving a lasting impression on consumers. Successful campaigns create positive consumer experiences leading to increased brand awareness and future product purchase or service usage. Another huge advantage of guerrilla sampling is that it is a cost effective marketing strategy that can work to any budget big or small whilst still creating impact. So, how do you run a successful guerrilla sampling campaign? Follow these top tips…!


Know your target audience well and where to find them! Try to select a location that will be rich in your target consumer that also offers high footfall to increase reach. Think about your campaign objectives, for example, do you wish to encourage immediate product purchase? Situate your campaign in close proximity to a key store to drive sales!


Get creative! How will you grab your target consumers’ attention? Colourful, quirky and eye catching sampling stands can be an easy way to disrupt the daily grind. Why not create a giant size replica of your product, add a speaker and get your favourite tunes playing or include a gamification element? Think outside of the box and get consumers talking!


How will you measure success? Do you want to drive purchase or downloads? Gain new leads? Or get products into hands and gather feedback? Having a clear objective helps streamline the activity and a strong call to action helps consumers know why you are there and what you are offering them. An incentive works a treat so think about including a discount offer or a competition prize to increase engagement.


Experienced, knowledgeable and engaging event staff are the human touch bringing your activity to life! These friendly faces enhance brand experiences and create lasting impressions on consumers. Ambassadors help to educate consumers on your brand, product or service by communicating key messages correctly and answering any questions they may have. They can also gain invaluable consumer insights from on the ground!


The less glamorous side to guerrilla sampling but just as important as your creative idea. A solid and robust logistics plan will ensure smooth campaign implementation and that you get maximum value from your activation. From vehicle booking, deliveries and location recces to storage, fulfilment and rigging, coordination is key!

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Posted on March 30, 2023 in Featured, Industry News

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