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How To Brief Your Experiential Agency

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What are the most important pieces of information your agency needs to know to provide the best response to your brief? We understand the hard work invested in producing marketing plans and securing those budgets, but translating your needs to an agency isn’t always easy. Here are some key details we love to understand from our clients when we respond to a new brief.


Of course, we need to know what you want to achieve by the campaign. But the more colour you can provide here the better. What is the challenge you want to overcome? When is it slated for and is there a wider campaign surrounding this project? What does success look like for the business? And how about for you? These may not always be identical! Let us in on this and we can tailor the response to make sure the campaign delivers on all fronts.

Can you quantify the objectives? Do you have a limited number of samples available? Are we driving engagements, sales, leads or followers and how will we measure the success? The best agencies will be looking to this early on, working with you to understand your reporting processes in order to deliver the results you need.


When delivering an experiential campaign, there is no getting away from the importance of logistics. Now don’t groan. The good news is that while we love devising that creative idea which pulls in the crowds, an excellent logistics plan is the secret sauce that holds it all together. It can also make or break a budget. So by sending us some key details, we will develop an accurate and cost effective campaign schedule that works around your product, brand and distribution set up.

The sooner you can share with us:

  • pallet information
  • unit weight
  • depot addresses
  • delivery turnaround
  • how your product needs to be stored and delivered…

the closer we can get to the best logistics plan for you. Of course, we are happy to estimate any unknowns in the meantime.


Share your insights on your customer and the target audience so we know who the campaign is talking to. We can overlay this with our research and knowledge of environments and engagement. Then identify the best time and place to disrupt your audience.


Be ready to share when the quote or proposal is due by and any other internal meetings scheduled. We can then work to make sure you have everything you need to meet your deadlines.


Now. We know there’s a budget. There’s always a budget! So don’t be afraid to share this information with us.

The incredible thing about experiential marketing is the scope, and its impact, can be huge. However, we are well versed in creating campaign magic for all sizes of budget. Let us know what you have to spend – a ball park is fine – and we will recommend how to make that investment work its hardest for you. If there could be appetite to spend more, let us know and we can show you how we can scale the idea up for maximum reach.


Demands on your time are high. We understand that achieving all of this information during a briefing is often not possible despite best efforts! We can always make recommendations and valid estimates around any unknowns to help to build an idea of what the campaign could look like.

Providing as much of the above as possible from the outset, allows your agency to get closer to the true campaign idea, devise a workable logistics plan and provide an accurate budget early in the process. Agency relationships work best as an extension of your team so the most important way to achieve a smooth sign off and create the best work possible is an open and trusting exchange.

If you have a new brief, drop us a line on to set up a call. We promise not to quiz you on the above!

Posted on January 19, 2023 in Featured, Highjam Views

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