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Team building events tailored for you

Event activation is one of our many passions here at HIGHJAM. We’re experts at creating unique event experiences that attract consumers, generate engagement and maximise ROI. Whether it’s an exhibition display, immersive event, conference or corporate party, we can take on all or part of your project, from full event management to theming and stand builds.

But our skills do not stop at B2B events. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet too much, but we are also damn good party planners and love to get our hands on a team building event day. For three years now, we have been organising the annual staff celebrations for a major advertising agency. From a schools-out blowout to a scavenger hunt to find an ‘illegal’ rave and The Grand Day Out in Brighton, we’ve delivered events to keep over 150 people fully entertained and engaged.

The focus of these team building events is to boost team camaraderie and show appreciation to the staff, so a lot of emphasis goes on the activities to ensure everyone is having a great time. Not only do we arrange a full day’s itinerary, we purchase all props and materials, book reliable and trusted suppliers, and everything else in between to guarantee that the only thing our client has got to worry about, is not worrying about a thing.

Here at HIGHJAM, we love planning and executing team events, so if you have an event challenge for us, get in touch today at

Posted on July 30, 2019 in Highjam Views

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