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The Iron Triangle

The project management triangle (or iron triangle as some know it) has been around since the 1950’s, and even with technological advances it still exists today.

In brief, this model demonstrates that quality of work is determined by a projects budget and timescale. And that you can trade between two constraints but not three.

For example:

Great + Fast = won’t be cheap

Fast + Cheap = won’t be great

Cheap + Great = won’t be fast

Now, in an ideal world every project and brand experience we run would achieve all three… but we’re realistic and know that this is a rare occurrence.  Our aim is always to deliver great; to provide quality work for our clients, from our creative ideas to the level of client servicing we offer.

When we work with a new client or on a new project, it’s not about the scale or the size of the budget – it’s about whether can we do the brief justice and deliver something worthwhile. With the right timescale most projects can deliver great – so giving us lots of lovely lead time really does make a difference!

Some of our all-time favourite campaigns have been for start-ups or challenger brands on a budget, like our work with Karma Cola, a soft drinks brand who gives back to their community of growers in Sierra Leone via their foundation – so we know every penny counts.

Being asked to do something different and work within the parameters that we are given is challenging at times – but that’s what keeps it all interesting! From creating stand out sampling campaigns to engaging events; with enough time our talented team can find a solution that delivers great.

Posted on August 6, 2019 in Highjam Views

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