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Non Contact Sampling Opportunities

As we enter the recovery phase of the Covid crisis, its only natural for marketing teams to re-appraise existing plans and consider their options with how to engage potential customers face to face with their products. Either through product sampling or demonstrations.

Pre-Covid, options were simple. Product Sampling and Demonstrations could take place in various environments, from retailers to high streets and busy commuter hubs. We could hand out products of all varieties directly into consumers hands for them to immediately trial or take home to consider purchasing.

As we write this post, we are only just entering the recovery phase, where social distancing rules and social limitations still exist, and so must be taken into consideration with any live activity.

So what options are out there if you would like to engage and sample directly to your potential customers? Consumers are still potential customers, even during the crisis, so allowing people to sample and trial your product before they buy is still very relevant. Here are three sampling options that HIGHJAM can activate given current restrictions in the UK:

Sampling via Deliveries
If your product can be packaged and delivered by Royal Mail post or Courier Deliveries, then we can help. Our teams can manage all package fulfilment and consumer deliveries using household data to align delivery locations with your target audience.

With this route, it also pays to think of the consumer experience on receiving your gift in the post. What communication should you share along with your sample, how is it packaged, do you want them to follow up with an online experience to keep dialogue going? These are just a few ways to ensure you sample in a meaningful and impactful way with this method.

Door to Door Drops
But what if your product can’t be sent via a mass sampling delivery campaign? Using our database we can identify areas where personalised house to house deliveries using teams of Brand Ambassadors can take place. Our teams can manage bespoke logistical needs (i.e. chilled or frozen samples) or any verification process for sampling door to door such as adhering to the Challenge 25 scheme for alcohol sampling.

Social Distance Sampling or Demonstrations
This route is definitely something brands can start to consider as restrictions start to ease. As consumers go back to work and commuter hubs get busier, and as the public hang out at beaches, parks and social playgrounds on good weather days. It may not be the right route for every brand, but is something that can be activated with the right planning and preparation with new measures to avoid contact.

With all routes our teams will ensure that all activity adheres to strict health and hygiene measures to ensure the safety of the recipient.

To discuss activating a non contact sampling or demonstration campaign, give us a call on 020 7407 8913 or drop us an email at

Posted on June 4, 2020 in Featured, Highjam Views

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