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Creating the right social presence

The early part of 2020 saw huge changes in the way we choose our products and consume our media. Social media usage is up 30%, online spend is up 25% and we’re searching online for inspiration for all sorts of lockdown activities (‘Brilliant banana bread’ was the most searched for recipe in the UK during lockdown).

At this time of home-based life consumers are spending more time and focus online. Recommendation and knowledge that was once gained from peers, colleagues and live experiences are now being sought online, from trusted influencers, brands and news sources.

These changes can represent opportunities to interact with audiences in a new way. Many bricks-and-mortar businesses in the UK are struggling with decreased footfall, falling revenues, and escalating costs. Businesses that can shift marketing spend and attention to their online platforms during lockdown are finding new consumers, high engagement, and sales uplifts.

There are three key areas that brands can take advantage of immediately to start engaging with online audiences:

Ensuring the right online presence: it’s important to invest in an authentic brand presence that reflects your values, appeals to the right audience and encourages engagement. Now more than ever your brand needs to ensure it is relevant to your consumer’s changing needs so keep in mind how appropriate your message is for the current time.

Creating the right social engagement: in the absence of a physical presence, social media provides interaction between a consumer and brand. This is your opportunity to create a direct relationship with your consumer and facilitate those all-important personal conversations with your customers. Using the right platforms, language and content will create lasting brand–consumer relationships and loyalty

Recruiting the right brand partners: Harnessing the right online influencers can introduce consumers to new ideas, products, and brands. Using their existing relationships, brand partners can generate awareness, create introductions, and amplify your message to their faithful following. This is the perfect opportunity to find new audiences, while consumers are keen to seek out recommendations and new products. This is the ‘New Normal’ of Word of Mouth.

While we’re all hoping for life to return to some kind of normal as soon as possible it’s clear that some of the changes are here to stay. Make sure you buck the downward trend and your brand not only survives lockdown but thrives.

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Posted on May 28, 2020 in Featured, Highjam Views

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