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The Return Of Traditional Sampling

Consumer Interaction

Since Boris’s announcement of the easing of lockdown, traditional sampling campaigns are set to reboot

During the past year of isolation, we have all adapted, pivoted and even upskilled. Our clients have leaned on us to deliver ‘safe sampling’ options. Via which the consumer has received a sample without having any direct contact with another human – who knew?!

Now? There is every reason to believe traditional sampling will be back, and is already a popular business enquiry! Marketing research from Mintel reports that 76% of millennials think sampling is FUN! It remains to be a surprise and delight moment during your daily commute / free time, and a great first impression of a brand.

Will its return bring some change? Potentially. Brands may opt for a less open approach, a closed product to be opened later. Whichever route brands trial, remember, traditional sampling is about putting product into the hands of target audience. Capturing feedback. And capturing data to keep in touch – if necessary! This is something that HIGHJAM, and most definitely our team of Promotional Staff are incredibly excited to get back to.

We understand consumers may be feeling apprehensive, after a year of little to no contact. It’s with this in mind that together with the hard work of our Promotional Staff we will ensure all interactions are safe, considered, and welcoming.

If you would like to discuss how we can help activate a sampling campaign for your brand, please get in touch via

Posted on May 11, 2021 in Featured, Highjam Views

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