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How to use social media to promote your company

Only a decade ago if you had spoken to a business director about their brand identity being impacted by social media networking you’d probably be laughed at. Today a presence on social platforms like Instagram, which has 700 million active monthly users, Twitter and Facebook can influencer consumer behaviour and connect with the online public to increase awareness of a company, it’s brand story and its products. How best to use social media depends on the type of company you are, so to help steer you in the right direction, we’ve picked some of our favourite ways to promote your brand and create online content:

Product promotion

Those that have a product to showcase can easily use social media to bring each product and variant to life visually. Colourful graphic-led imagery such as the one shown below (by one of our wonderful clients; JOM) are great at drawing the eye of a potential customer to a product. JOM chose to present their branding with simplistic yet bold and attention-grabbing lettering with a high-quality product photo, demonstrating their identity as an organic, vegan candy free of preservatives and nasty bits – yummy!

Showcase your brand story

If your company has a strong story to share – use social media to convey this through the rich media it allows you to display. Great content can come from photography, videos, live footage but also narrative – your copy and the comments you gain. Social media platforms allow you to speak directly and honestly to your consumers – they then in turn create a picture about your brand and what you stand for, ideally one that resonates with their own beliefs and values.
Take one of our client Karma Cola, the below image, shows their charitable efforts in Sierra Leone which is a huge part of their brand story and showcases their product origins and ethical nature.

Important dates and events

There’s a day for that! Be it National Burger day, World Gin day or Labradoodle day… etcetera! Instagram revolves around fun content, so taking part in important dates and events is a proven way to generate focus on your brand, relate to an audience and outline positive company principles that allow you to look fresh and remain current. These are things that new customers are looking out for and are more and more seeking ethical and positive brands to align themselves with. The below post by Chappy is a great example of them being involved in the Pride Month celebrations while also representing their brands values to the fullest!

HAPPY PRIDE MONTH 🌈🎉 #Pride #LGBTQ #Chappy #Pride2018

A post shared by Chappy – The Gay Dating App (@chappyapp) on


To many who work in the social media industry; ‘influencer’ is just another buzz word! According to the Association of National Advertisers; 75% of marketers currently work with influencers and of that, 43% plan to increase spending on influencer activity in the next year. Utilising influencers can be a great way to give a face to a brand and connect with a new consumer audience. For example, Yogi Tea collaborate with influencers such as Monica Stott from The Travel Hack to create stories about everyday activities and how Yogi Tea fits into this routine. Storytelling and producing content within a sequence is a cool way to promote the brand and the brands values and influencers can help brands to achieve this.

All in all, the power of Instagram and social media in general shouldn’t be underestimated, it should be embraced to help your brand broaden its network and to establish an awesome brand identity online. If you’d like to know about social & content marketing then give us a call at: 020 7407 7464 and maybe even check-our very own Instagram page here.

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