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The spookiest – and most lucrative night of the year!


With the spookiest day of the year just around the corner, marketers love nothing more than a great excuse to theme an event or an activation. With the growing popularity with Halloween in the UK these days and the market expected to hit £330million this year up from £12million in 2001, its no surprise that brands want to get involved. It is now the UK’s third most profitable seasonal event, and with more and more brands looking to capture the audience’s attention, we look back at the best events of 2014 and predict who will excel in 2015.

Brothers Cider’s Fear Factory

The drink brand tapped into the current trend of street food and drink and opened a fear factory with four experiential zones; Head Office of Horror, the Insanity Laboratory, the Twisted Orchard and the Sinister Warehouse. With cocktails and hot dogs on offer 500 guests enjoyed Brother’s new Toffee Apple Flavour with a little slice of fear.

Thorpe Park Fright Nights

For 2014, a deranged director was introduced to entice visitors into a horror movie. Alongside that, there was a chance to ride the rollercoasters in the dead of the night, and get trapped in mazes based on iconic horror film such as The Blair Witch Project, My Bloody Valentine, The Cabin in The Woods and Saw.
A much loved event that’s in its 14th year this year, it promises to scare the life out of you.

Pepsi Maxi’s Monster Mirror

Pepsi Max used augmented reality technology to scare consumers senseless. Cinema goers were frightened in the toilets by transforming their reflections into Halloween characters including crazed grinning clowns, vicious werewolves and flesh-eating zombies. Not what you normally expect when you look in the mirror!

Marks and Spencer’s Little Shwop of Horrors

In conjunction with Oxfam, M&S opened a pop-up shop at the Oxford Street Store. Customers were invited to ‘shwop’ any unwanted clothes to be re-sold or recycled. The item was their ticket to the popup which was full of Halloween fancy dress and spooky decorations. Customers could swap their clothes for a costume or one of the celebrity donated items as part of M&S Plan A programme. A little more treat than trick!

So what do we have to look forward to scaring us in 2015?
Wahaca – Day of the Dead Festival 2015

Wahaca is putting on a huge festival to celebrate Day of the Dead, the Mexican celebration that happens around Halloween. With music, food and art celebrating death as a time to honour friends and family, it promises to be a great event.
Held on November 7th 2015 from 1pm until 1am, at Tobacco Dock

Veuve Clicquot – Widow Series Exhibition

An immersive Halloween inspired event that celebrates Madame Clicquote, the widow credited with bringing her husband’s business to fruition.
Within three rooms, guests will be treated to three fashion horror films, a live taxidermy session and a tree installation to show witchcraft through shadows and sound effects. A bar selling Veuve Clicquot, tasting experiences and canapé will also be on offer.
Held 5pm and 10pm on 29 October at The College, which was once occupied by Central Saint Martins,

So whatever you decide to do, we hope you have a frightening night! Happy Halloween!

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