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Design adds value faster than it adds costs

Getting design right is important for every business. It can directly improve sales and growth and so shouldn’t be overlooked. From a brands identity to its online presence through to live consumer experiences, every consumer touchpoint should be designed to maximise ROI.

If you get it right, it can give you a competitive edge and make shoppers choose you over competitors. So investing in good design is key to success.

Some businesses will keep all design in house and therefore keep control over the end result, others have realised it pays to use the experts, especially when it comes to Shopper Experiences and Experiential Events. Using expert designers who know their field well will bring additional bottom line benefits. To influence behaviour and encourage shoppers to react and take action is vital in competitive markets so using a team that have tried and tested experience is an additional expense worth investing in.

But don’t just take our word for it, The Design Council conducted its own research into how design adds value to business, has bottom line benefits and gives companies a competitive edge.

Here at Highjam we work with our clients to create great design that delivers on both campaign and business objectives. Investing in a projects design brings clarity to the rest of the project and ultimately increases audience engagement.

Get the design right and your project will stand out with messages that are appealing to your audience, it will help communications work more effectively and strategically, improve a projects ROI, and ultimately give you a competitive edge.

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Posted on September 1, 2022 in Featured, Highjam Views

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