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Taste of Summer!

After a mini heatwave throughout July, I think we can declare that summer has finally arrived. We’ve been cooling off with fans in the office, but one treat we keep reaching for is Claudi & Fin lollies. In the run up to summer we have just completed a successful Waitrose sampling tour. This was the perfect pre-summer sampling opportunity for a new product launch in the freezer aisle. And at only 57 calories per lolly we can’t turn one down!

Claudi & Fin launched their frozen yoghurt lollies in Waitrose in March this year. The two flavours Mango and Strawberry are refreshingly aimed at children as a healthy alternative to ice cream. Made with real fruit, no added sugar and tons of vitamin D they are the perfect treat for the little ones and anyone who is on a bit of a health kick.

We were tasked with a three week Waitrose sampling tour to allow consumers to taste these delicious treats. Armed with a branded sampling stand, stock and stickers our brand ambassadors were able to engage with over 8,000 targeted consumers. This is fantastic exposure for a new brand into such a busy market.

Once you try Claudi & Fin, you are instantly won over and so the stock was flying off the shelves! In over 132 hours of consumer engagement our dedicated brand ambassadors sampled on average of 373 lollies per day! An amazing start to the peak summer season!

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Posted on July 20, 2015 in Featured, Highjam News

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