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Marshall Speakers

Project Description

The Challenge:

  • Deliver consumer demonstration opportunities for Marshall speakers.
  • Let consumers experience the product quality first hand.
  • Provide extended moments of consumer-brand interaction
  • Target our core audience of young, social urbanites

Our Solution:

Deliver a demonstration campaigns in high footfall parks and open spaces across London,  putting speakers into as many relevant hands as possible. Consumers were able to trial a speaker for one hour to allow the target audience to test the product for themselves.

Our branded sampling team created excitement about the Marshall speaker range, proactively approaching groups and passerbys to increase reach across our target audience.

  • Highjam recommended a campaign schedule and booked permits for high-footfall parks across London.
  • Branded sampling trikes and marketing materials allowed us to increase opportunities to see and drive the campaign’s ROI.
  • Highjam also delivered full campaign management including logistics, production, staffing and evaluation.
  • Consumer feedback was reported daily and full report data and evaluation was shared with the client post-campaign to assess uplift in brand recognition and product trial.

This campaign has also been implemented across Europe in partnership with our sister agencies within the International Shopper Marketing Group (ISMG).

Key Stats:

  • 2k consumer interactions delivered in each location
  • An average of 125 consumers per day experienced the product first-hand

Project Details

Tags: Events & Experiences, Promotional, Sales & Event Staff, Sampling, Retail & Sales

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