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YuMove Petcare

Project Description

The Challenge:

  • New Customer Acquisition programme for the YuMove (previously Lindtbells) Pet Care subscription model
  • Deliver app downloads to the YuMove club app
  • Use incentive of free month trial to drive immediate on-site sales
  • Collect consumer data for delayed sales via CRM programme

Our Solution:

Highjam produced and activated a ‘Pup-Up’ shop with an immersive experience inside for dogs and owners to enjoy.

Our sales team toured across UK cities and events targeting Dog owners and signing them up to a premium subscription-based model for their pet care.   

The stand was highly branded to increase opportunities-to-see and drive awareness of the YuMOVE range.

We selected dog lovers and owners for our core brand ambassador team. They were extensively trained to educate consumers of the benefits and create positive brand experiences for the owners and their four-legged friends!

In addition to the city centre sites we also delivered a variety of guerilla sales teams at nearby parks and areas that were busy with our target audience.

As we were collecting payment details and consumer data all our sales staff were DBS checked and provided with full GDPR training.

As well as consumer data collection and subscription sign ups, our teams also collected qualitative and quantitative feedback from consumers. The client used this for their continued experiential marketing strategy development.

Key Stats:

  • This Direct Field Sales Campaign generated New Customer Acquisitions of 4.2k consumer interactions over the campaign.
  • Our sales teams also generated 1.5k app downloads
  • High levels of consumer retention following the free trial period

Project Details

Tags: Promotional, Sales & Event Staff, Sampling, Retail & Sales

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