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Karma Cola Instore

Project Description

The Challenge:

Develop and execute an annual instore sampling campaign at Karma Cola stockists, activating in the best retail locations possible.

Access Karma Cola’s target audience, deliver key brand engagement moments, drive product trial and boost brand awareness.

Our Solution:

We researched, booked site space and created a schedule of sampling activity at sought-after London retail spaces, including Selfridges, Harvey Nicols and Wholefoods. This schedule of B2C marketing activity also took place at a range of independent stores, Planet Organic, Revital and Waitrose locations.

Our core brand ambassador teams also visited events at The Trueman Brewery, The SouthBank Centre, Regents Park, The Royal Academy, BoxPark, Wilderness Festival, Retailer Head Office Sampling Days & B2B trade exhibitions.

Highjam recruited, trained and managed a core brand ambassador team to deliver all the sampling and events. We delivered annual training sessions for full brand immersion. We also scouted for new talent throughout the year in our quest to find on brand staff to join our hand-picked team.

The sampling team’s key responsibilities included:

  • liaising with store staff to secure the best instore location
  • setting up the full instore sampling kit
  • delivering the ‘perfect serve’ product sampling
  • engaging consumers, communicating the key brand messaging
  • completing quantitative and qualitative reports and capturing key consumer information

Consumer feedback, full report data and campaign evaluation was shared with the client post-campaign. We also developed ROI models to assess the campaign efficacy and to ensure we met our KPIs.

Key Stats:

  • Instore sales received significant sales uplift across all SKUs and in all retailers
  • Several hundred store days delivered per year
  • Highly trained core sampling teams delivered year on year. 
  • Exceptional sampling staff feedback received from consumers, stores and client

Project Details

Tags: Promotional, Sales & Event Staff, Sampling, Retail & Sales

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