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TFL Electric Scooter Hire: Dott

Project Description

The Challenge:

Dott was appointed by TFL to provide Electric Scooter Hire across London. Dott needed to communicate to new users how the Scooter hire scheme worked.

Our Solution: 

We provided teams of trained ambassadors at key Scooter parking locations to act as mobile Dott patrollers, educating consumers on safe riding, raising awareness of the brand and encouraging immediate trial. Tech savvy staff were booked and received in-depth training on the product. The six-week launch period covered seven London boroughs. Staff encouraged commuters to download the app and redeem free credit. Teams were incentivised to achieve targets.

Key Stats:

– Our teams delivered over 400 shifts across London with downloads reaching as much as 15,000 downloads per London borough

Project Details

Tags: Promotional, Sales & Event Staff, Sampling, Retail & Sales

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