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Project Description

The Challenge:
Create a functional, Instagram-worthy presence for KeVita at Balance to increase brand awareness with the target audience

Our Solution:
The design of an impactful stand with Californian vibes to enrich the brands origins, one that complimented existing kit, creating a visually appealing and cost effective experience. Throughout the event our Brand Ambassadors sampled KeVita Master Brew Kombucha and distributed compostable poppy seed leaflets, allowing consumers to take home the KeVita brand message in an environmentally-friendly way. Additional sensory elements further enhanced the consumer experience and yoga sessions were held within the KeVita sponsored Yoga dome.

Key Stats:
– Over 4,000 consumers were engaged and sampled to
– A social competition resulted in an 11% increase in followers for @kevita_europe on Instagram
– Consumer feedback revealed 82% would consider purchasing KeVita in the future


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