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Employee Engagement Event

Project Description

The Challenge:

Produce annual immersive events to entertain, engage and inspire employees at global media company.

Our Solution:

With a partnership lasting over 8 years, we integrate seamlessly into this organisation’s internal teams to produce fantastic annual events for their 200+ workforce. In recent years we have produced a Squid Games-themed overnight experience, managing the full end-to-end event logistics. This includes employee transport from London, manor house luxury accommodation, fine dining and street food hospitality, immersive actors and event hosts, costumes and set dressing. The games we developed and executed included boat racing on a lake and a treasure hunt that involved 1000 fake notes being pinned to a tree-lined drive, which was the finale that decided the £10,000 winning employee team!

In other years, immersive events we have produced for this company include Zombie Apocalypse, Fake Hostage and Spoof Wedding immersion.

Key Stats:

  • 8 years continued events production for this organisation
  • Specialists producing innovative, exciting and fully immersive luxury events

Project Details

Tags: Content & Social, Events & Experiences, Promotional, Sales & Event Staff

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