Norseland B2B Sampling Roadshow

Project Description

The Experience

Highjam have been appointed as Norseland’s Experiential Marketing agency to drive sales and increase awareness of their portfolio of brands with both end users and customers. Our initial program was to assist in increasing their customer base in the UK.

Highjam worked with the client to identify the key target buyer and concluded that independent Farm shops and Delis were the best environments to target new buyers. We ensured that the sample was the focus of the campaign to allow each buyer to experience the premium taste and quality first hand. We planned a programme of face to face visits, completed by a team of experienced trained sales staff who were able to answer customer’ questions and drive them to purchase.

All Farm Shops and Delicatessens were pre-qualified before the tour began. This ensured only prime consumers were targeted, there were no wasted visits and ultimately a higher ROI was achieved.

The Results

The team visited 232 independent Farm shops and Delis across the UK. 116% above target.

Introducing the brand to 232 on target buyers all who were all spending in the category already.

The percentage of buyers claiming intent to purchase was 25%

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